Western Cookie Jars

Cookie Jars for the Country or Western Decor. From Vintage Rustic for the Cabin to light country whimsy for the home. Inspired by the American West, they are at home on the range.

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Click image for larger view Bronze Pony Express Rider
Cookie Jar
Mint, Artistsan Cookie Jar.
Limited Edition, 23 of 150.
A stunning art piece in bronze. More sculpture than cookie jar, this remarkable Pony Express Rider is a wonderful piece of american history and artistic endevour. It would display well anywhere and is quite a conversation piece. Ceramic with bronze finish and high glaze.
Item # 167

Click image for larger view Butter Churn with
Floral Pattern Cookie Jar
A Vintage Cookie Jar in beautiful condition. This Butter Churn Cookie Jar would be just the right touch on the Farm or Ranch. Unmarked.
Item # 51

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