What's my cookie jar worth?


What's it worth?

We do not provide appraisal or value opinion services. We have listed here several avenues of research to help you find cookie jar values. The Internet is a vast research library. Searching with terms like "cookie jar collecting" will yield many helpful pages. Ultimately, you are better off if you arrive at information through your own research. Have fun and remember, it's all relative!


 On the Internet:


The American Cookie Jar Association
When you've got a question about something, why not go right to the people who spend much of their time accumulating the very information you seek? On this web site you can use a bulletin board to post questions to the Association members, read articles, and even buy books about cookie jars!


Kovels On Line
The definitive guide for any collector. This site is loaded with resources from value searches to educational reports and advice on collecting.

 At the Book Store or Library: 

"An Illustrated Value Guide To Cookie Jars"
Ermagene Westfall

"The Complete Cookie Jar Book"
Mike Schneider

"An Illustrated Value Guide To Cookie Jars Book II"
Ermagene Westfall

"Collector's Encyclopedia Of Cookie Jars"
Fred Roerig & Joyce Herndon Roerig

"Sanfords Guide to McCoy Pottery"
"McCoy... America's Pottery"
A Collector's Guide by Martha And Steve Sanford


"The Wonderful World of Cookie Jars"
Mark and Ellen Supnick

 In the Market:  

Brick and Mortar
The question of value usually arises in regard to vintage cookie jars. Shop the antique stores to see what dealers are asking for them.

On Line
Well, here we are on the Internet and We're going to tell you to stay on the Internet for much of your research. Compare prices on the many cookie jar on line stores.


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