California Originals Cookie Jars

California Originals was once known as the countries largest Art Pottery. Now long gone, their jars have stood the test of time in popularity and quality.

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Click image for larger view. Winking Owl
Cookie Jar
Now Only $36.00
Believed to be a California Originals.
Beautiful condition with bundles of charm!
Item # 180

Click image for additional pictures and larger view Big Bird
Cookie Jar
Now Only $108.00
Vintage California Originals.
Marked Muppets Inc 976.
Excellent Condition.
Very rare.
Item # 124

Vintage California Originals Space Cadet Cookie Jar Space Cadet
Cookie Jar
Vintage California Originals.
This outragous Space Cadet is decked out in his space gear complete with laser gun and even has jet packs on his back. Superb condition.
Item # 327

Ernie and Bert Fine Cookies Cookie Jar Bert and Ernie with Cookie Monster
Cookie Jar
Vintage California Originals.
Marked: 977 © 1971, 1978
Excellent condition. Hard to find.
Book: $325.00 - $350.00
Item # 256

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