Antique and Vintage Cookie Jars

There are not many kitchen items that are as cheerful and welcoming as a cookie jar. It can be a rare McCoy Mammy jar glass or a clown container placed within easy reach for the kids, a vintage cookie jar is something that you want in your hands.

Decorative cookie jars became a category of vintage kitchenware in the United States in the early 1930s. A 10-inch tall ceramic cookie jar in the shape of a trashcan from Brush Kolorcraft of Roseville, Ohio has been dated back to 1929.

Manufacturers Vintage Cookie Jars

Other early cookie jar manufacturers include McKee Glass Company of Pennsylvania and they were the first manufacturers to capitalize on the public's desire for cookie jars. There is also Louisville Pottery, which made jars for the Harper J. Ransburg Co. of Indiana. Ransburg has been credited as an early contributor to the cookie jar genre because the firm hand-painted many of them-1/4 million a year in the 1930s. Designs range from floral patterns, Davey Crockett coonskin caps, Humpty Dumpty and Mary had a Little Lamb.

Antique Cookie Jars

McCoy Pottery, of Roseville Ohio joined the cookie jar group in the late 30s. McCoy is arguably one of the most important sought after names in cookie jars. The first figural cookie jar was Mammy with Cauliflower. Other Mammy jars featured large women whose spacious dresses formed the basis of the jars. The words "Dem cookies shor am good" were on the outside of the jar in 1944 but replaced with less offensive words in 1946. See more McCoy Pottery Cookie Jars.

Another cookie jar manufacture was American Bisque of West Virginia. They excelled at character and people jars. They made grannies, clowns and chefs, Dutch girls and boys and many different iterations of Davy Crockett. They also made jars that featured licensed cartoon characters such as Popeye, Yogi the bear that held sign better-than-average cookies, Fred Flintstone and Casper the friendly ghost.

Vintage Cookie Jars

Many manufacturers produce countless jars in the shapes of animals. Pigs were popular and American Bisque is known for its paws in the pockets jars. Other pink-cheeked creatures include elephants, kittens, puppies, lamps and rabbits.

In the postwar era there were many ceramic companies that made cookie jars. Brush Pottery included cows with cat finials and circus horses from the 1950s and if you can find them in good condition you are lucky. Purington Pottery made jars that were shaped like Howdy Doody heads and Red Wing Stoneware produced Dutch girls, bunches of grapes and chefs in assorted colors. The best that Red Wing produced are the cinnamon colored King of Tarts jars and any color of cabbage jar.

Antique and Vintage Cookie Jars

The Regal China Company produced versions of Little Red Writing Hood and made an entire series of Alice in Wonderland products for Walt Disney. They even made a jar shaped like the head of Harpo Marx. Shawnee Pottery is best known for its Smiley and Winnie Pig jars and each feature different colored scarves and articles of clothing.

China Vintage Cookie Jars

One last important cookie jar category is the advertising jar. Coca-Cola, Harley-Davidson and Quaker Oats are just a few that turned to McCoy for their cookie jars. Mrs. Fields had jars that were made in shapes of her trademark paper bags. Oreo made jars that were shaped like its famous cookies.

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