How to Host a Cookie Swap

Looking for new cookie recipes? Then it is time for you to host a cookie swap with your closest family and friends. Hosting a cookie swap is quite easy, and a great way to acquire a plethora of new recipes. Follow the six steps listed below to begin your very own cookie swap.

The Cookie

Step #1 - Invite Your Family & Friends

It is a good idea to invite your guests around three weeks in advance so they have plenty of time to save the date. A cookie swap consisting of seven to eight people is considered extremely successful and highly manageable. Begin managing the get together by asking each person (within the invitation) to contribute to the party by bringing several copies of his or her famous recipe to share as well as crafting supplies to create cute packaging. See also Cookie Packaging Ideas . is a great place to select stylish invitations from. The site hosts hundreds of designs that can be sent via mail and/or email.

Step #2 - Coordinate the Cookie Baking

Each guest will need to make half a dozen cookies for every person in attendance as well as an extra dozen for the entire party to sample one or two. Each guest receives half a dozen cookies from everyone in attendance in order go home with giveawayable holiday gifts. Half the fun of the party is baking up the cookies together with your closest family and friends. You will need to coordinate who will be making which cookie type ahead of time so that everyone avoids baking duplicate cookies at the party.

Step #3 - Make Display Cards

There will be several types of cookies baking at your party and to avoid any confusion, it is in your best interest to make identifying display cards for each variety. Folding place cards work well as cookie labelers. Each card should include the name of the cookie variety as well as the name of the cookie creator. These cards can be handwritten or printed - there is no right or wrong way to make them. Another way to stay organized at the party is to make a cookie menu that displays each type of cookie that will be made, sampled, and gifted during the duration of the swap.

Step #4 - Start Your Packaging Station

While each guest has been asked to bring crafting supplies like ribbon and glitter to decorate each cookie box with, it is not a bad idea to provide some extra trimmings for your guests as well. From time to time guests accidentally overlook the details of a party and to be safe you should be stocking the packaging station with a couple of spare supplies. Consider stocking each large workstation with white cardboard boxes, sticky gift tag labels, twine, ribbon, markers, baking paper, scissors, durable paper plates, tissue paper, and cellophane. White boxes are great as they can be decorated with any color your guests desire.

Step #5 - Decoration Instructions

Let your guest know they can decorate their cookie gifting boxes in any manner they desire but to place the half a dozen cookies on a plate within the boxes to keep the integrity of the cookies intact. These plates can also be decorated in any fashion your guest would like from a simple tissue paper topping to an elaborate cellophane decoration - it matters not as this is their holiday gift to give.

Step #6 - Swap Day Preparation

The day of your cookie swap will call for much preparation. It is a good idea to designate certain tables for cookie baking, sampling, packaging, and swapping. Additionally, it is a premium idea to brew loads of tea and coffee to get your guests threw the baking and packaging process. Provide enough serving platters so that each guest may set out their cookie samples for tasting and recipe stacks for sharing. Now it is time for the fun to begin! Just make sure you have allotted enough space for your guests to begin baking and you are sure to have a tummy full of yummy cookies as well as a book full of new recipes before the nights end.

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