Cookie Gift Baskets - a Fun, Affordable Gift

Cookie gift baskets can be a fun and cost-effective way to practice your baking but share the fruits of your labor with your loved ones.

No one resists a specially packed gift basket with delectable homemade cookies. Nobody ever returns this gift or even wants to exchange it.

Cookie baskets are simple way to knock out your gift list especially during the holidays. Set aside a day or two to bake the cookies and you can freeze them till you're ready to assemble the baskets. This is an affordable way to give a large number of gifts to neighbors, teachers, friends, relatives, the mailman, your hairdresser etc. Children can help in baking homemade cookies and assembling the baskets can become a fun holiday tradition or any time during the year. See Christmas Cookies.

Cookie Gift Baskets

What cookie basket supplies do you need?

The beauty of the cookie basket is how simple it is. If you bake you can assemble and give one.
In addition to the ingredients you'll need to gather these items from the discount store to prepare and assemble your baskets.


Plastic treat bags or colored plastic wrap

Decorative candles, Hershey's kisses or other foil wrapped chocolates or candy canes

Cellophane wrap or large clear gift bags

Decorative ribbon

Gift tags

What kind of cookies should you include in your gift basket?

A variety.

Choose cookies that vary in shape. You can choose a bar cookie, a cutout cookie, a frosted cookie, a drop cookie, a sandwich cookie or a pressed cookie.

Choose cookies the offer a variety of taste. You can select versions have different ingredients such as chocolate, nuts, fruits, peanut butter, or powdery sugar for the variety.

Choose cookies that vary in color, which makes your basket appealing. Be sure that all the cookies are not golden brown or dark brown. Try to choose one or two varieties that have bright dried fruit or added food coloring.

How many cookies should you bake?

Choose 4 to 6 types of cookies. Plan that each basket will hold about two dozen cookies. If you bake 4 to 6 batches of cookies at one time you can make several gift baskets. Most cookie recipes make 2 to 4 dozen cookies. Five recipes should be enough for 5 to 10 baskets. Plan to assemble several gift baskets at the same time.

How to assemble a cookie gift basket

Bake cookies. Make sure they are cooled completely.

Wrapped cookies. You can set the small cookies and cellophane goodie bags or wrap them in colored plastic wrap. You will need to individually wrap larger cookies. When you wrap them you will help them stay fresher for a longer time.

Assemble the basket. Set the basket in the center of the large piece of colored or clear cellophane or the clear oversized gift bag. You can put some layers of tissue paper at the bottom of the basket as a cushion. Arrange all the wrapped cookies. Sprinkle foil wrapped or other colorful candy in the basket.

Seal the basket. Gather the corners of the cellophane over the size of the basket so that the corners meet. You can tie the cellophane or gift bag closed with a colorful ribbon. Add a bow and a gift tag with a special message.

Additional items to add to your gift basket.

For variation you can add extra items such as baking gadgets, mugs, cocoa mix, tea or Christmas cookie cutters dear gift basket.